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Set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world strife of war, depleted resources and austerity. Death races (also known as Xraces) have become a popular sport for the masses. With millions of dollars at stake, some people find it an easy way to climb the economic and social ladder out of poverty and into the good life. Winning will get you fame and fortune while losing can result in death.

You, the player, are an aspiring Xracer hoping to leave a mark amid this forsaken world and to claim the wealth and fame you so desperately seek.

XRacer is a game made for our game prototyping project for school. This is a multiplayer game for 4 people.

Install instructions


1. Download the zip file provided and extract the folder. 

2. Go into the folder and double-click on the application XRACER_ExtremeRacing

3. Grab 3 more friends/family and 4 controllers and have fun racing!


XRacer_ExtremeRacing_Team5_FinalBuild.zip 641 MB


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Fun and great looking :)

Awesome lighting effects. Love the ship designs too